Sunday, May 18, 2008

Another reason to celebrate our big trip.

Some time in March (can't remember the exact day), Gemma foolishly agreed to marry me. We just thought that organising a year long bike adveture wasn't quite enough. So, the big day is all penned in for 31st October 2008 (Halloween ! Woohoo !!) just a fortnight before we're due to fly off. What was once a bit of a jolly trip is now our honeymoon, wahey! Little does she know this is only the start of crazy idea bike trips..

Gemma is obviously very lucky that she's being treated to such luxurious accomodation, food, drinks, clothes and relaxing time. Nothing but the best, eh?!

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duckegg said...

Hiya Gemma and Ian! Its your cousin Sarah! (remember me?) Just a quick note to say all the best for your trip you mad mad pair! Remember to post a photo of the family for the world to see what we are like (any picture of a group of monkeys should do!!) Anyway bye for now and I hope to be at the wedding. Love and a hug Sarah and joe xxx