Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Photos from the first week

We have managed to find a computer new enough to load up pictures!
Both us and the bikes arrived ok yesterday morning in Ushuaia. Spent yesterday at the campsite putting the bikes back together and checking that it was all working ok. They seemed to have survived all 4 flights with no damage at all.
I´m currently trying to do two things. Find 4000 pounds to go to Antarctica and persuade Ian to come with me! So if anyone had 4k they don´t want we´d love it please.... We´ll have to come back another time but I am checking everyplace just in case there is a last minute bargain.

Ushuaia is a bit odd. Its very beautiful on Tierra Del Fuego surrounded by mountains with amazing views over the Beagle Channel. however not one building seems to be finished and there is a distinct lack of tarmac. But the campsite is nice. So far we´ve spoken to a few of the other happy campers- a couple from Heaton (you can never escape from home!), a swedish cyclist heading north too and an Aussie couple cycling too. We told you all that there were others!!

We should be heading off on the bikes on either Thursday or Friday- although to be honest neither of us know what day it is today!
To everyone that asked about the pics- yes that was me chowing down on a huge steak! There is no way that you can keep away from the meat over here. There has been a couple of occassions that I have tried my luck on vegetarian dishes in menus only to find them stuffed with sliced ham. But now that we are cooking for ourselves I can keep away from some of the meat. Obviously trying to keep Ian away from steaks is like trying to herd cats.

To those water geeks that have asked here´s the info on Iguazu...
Discovered in 1542, there are 250 falls with a width of 2700m, 65m in height and a mean flow of.... 1500cumecs!

SO here´s the first lot of pics... hopefully there will be more following.
Gem and Ian xxx

La Boca, where we nearly got mugged!
Iguazu falls and a Coati (they love bins!)

More of Iguazu!

Monday, November 24, 2008

First Week

Well we made it here in one piece and we are hoping that the bikes did too!
We´ve had a great week in Buenos Aires so far. Done a lot of wandering around in the sun, managed to have an attempted mugging on day three! Luckily there was no harm done but its made us a little more cautious of aimless wandering in the dodgy areas- maybe we shouldn´t have been there...
On Friday we took the 20 hour overnight bus north to Iguazu. It was amazing and we are hoping to be able to post some pictures on here, once we can get past all the error messages. The falls are incredible and we spent a great two days wandering around taking hundreds of pictures of both the Argentinian and Brazilian sides. Saw lots of odd little animals too- Ian, a little bear thingy called a Coati, tons of butterflies and birds and Vizcacha. no doubt when we got on the bikes Ian will try to catch them for food!

Flying to ushuaia early on Tuesday morning and we´ll make a start on trying to rebuild the bikes, fingers crossed that everything is in one piece and that Ian can remember where all the bits go.

Fingers crossed that the bikes survive another flight and that soon we can get some pictures up here. We´ll keep trying...

Love Gemma and Ian

Wednesday, November 5, 2008


We managed to get some of the wedding pics stuck on the blog very quickly before we moved out of the flat and cancelled the internet. Here's the words that should have come along with it!

Ian and I had an amazing day and enjoyed every single second of it. We could not have asked for anything to be different or changed. The whole day was prefect from start to finish.

I guess firstly we need to say some BIG thank- you's.
- Thanks to everyone who came- it would not have been the party that it was without you all!!
- Thanks to the parents (Lynn, Sue, Andrew and Pete) and Julie and Alistair for all their support over the past few months. Big thanks to Julie and Alistair for being our witnesses too. Huge thanks to my mum, Lynn (aka Mum-2) and David for getting the Town Hall looking jaw droppingly amazing!
- Thanks Dad (Dad- 2!), for giving me away and your incredible speech and well done for making a good half the room cry! Not even for your dancing!
- Thanks to Katie and Darren for being the best bridesmaid and best man that a bride and groom could ever want. Darren- your speech was fab!
- A MASSIVE thanks to Jed for his services as "official" wedding photographer. We can't wait to see the pics.
- Thanks to Graham for being a great DJ and putting up with our odd music requests. I still think that "Young Hearts Run Free" and "Kung Fu Fighting" should be played at ALL parties. They are disco classics! Also thanks for the unforgettable end to the night. I will never forget looking round to see everyone giving it some on the dance floor to "Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes". It was a surreal but great moment!
- Thanks to Allyson and Matt for all their amazing work on the invitations and place cards. They were super!
-Thanks to my grandparents, Fred and Audrey, for finding the best cheeseboard ever!
- A HUGE thanks to Steven, Joss, Terese and Kirsty who made all the amazing food and let Ian have a free run in choosing and ordering all the food.
- A big thanks to the staff at both Durham Registry office and the Town Hall that made the whole day run without a hitch.

Ian and I had the most amazing day and we are both still smiling now. It was great having so many of our loved ones together for our special day. Thanks to everyone who has sent photos and videos (although some of the dancing ones are quite special!). Its a day that we will just never forget. The ceremony went so well and we were both very emotional, thanks to Dave and Frances for their readings (and to Dave especially for holding it together!).
Our pedicab ride through Durham was amazing and something that I don't think I will ever forget. The meal and the evening reception were brilliant too. Its just a shame that we couldn't have kept dancing for a while longer (not really applicable for the hard core group of us that ended up in Love Shack!).

So really just thanks to everyone who came- it was an amazing day for Ian and I because you were all there to spend it with us! We will never forget it. Thanks for all the messages in the guest book (Mrs Wyemes gets the prize for the best one!), but Alistair, yours made me cry and for all the cards and gifts.

I imagine that the next message will be from Buenos Aires in less than 2 weeks time as we set up for a cracking honeymoon. We will miss everyone- so please do keep in touch!

Lots of love from the new Mr and Mrs Nixon!! xx

PS, we'll try and get some of the comedy dancing video on here when we get a chance!