Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Photos from the first week

We have managed to find a computer new enough to load up pictures!
Both us and the bikes arrived ok yesterday morning in Ushuaia. Spent yesterday at the campsite putting the bikes back together and checking that it was all working ok. They seemed to have survived all 4 flights with no damage at all.
I´m currently trying to do two things. Find 4000 pounds to go to Antarctica and persuade Ian to come with me! So if anyone had 4k they don´t want we´d love it please.... We´ll have to come back another time but I am checking everyplace just in case there is a last minute bargain.

Ushuaia is a bit odd. Its very beautiful on Tierra Del Fuego surrounded by mountains with amazing views over the Beagle Channel. however not one building seems to be finished and there is a distinct lack of tarmac. But the campsite is nice. So far we´ve spoken to a few of the other happy campers- a couple from Heaton (you can never escape from home!), a swedish cyclist heading north too and an Aussie couple cycling too. We told you all that there were others!!

We should be heading off on the bikes on either Thursday or Friday- although to be honest neither of us know what day it is today!
To everyone that asked about the pics- yes that was me chowing down on a huge steak! There is no way that you can keep away from the meat over here. There has been a couple of occassions that I have tried my luck on vegetarian dishes in menus only to find them stuffed with sliced ham. But now that we are cooking for ourselves I can keep away from some of the meat. Obviously trying to keep Ian away from steaks is like trying to herd cats.

To those water geeks that have asked here´s the info on Iguazu...
Discovered in 1542, there are 250 falls with a width of 2700m, 65m in height and a mean flow of.... 1500cumecs!

SO here´s the first lot of pics... hopefully there will be more following.
Gem and Ian xxx

La Boca, where we nearly got mugged!
Iguazu falls and a Coati (they love bins!)

More of Iguazu!

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ager2001 said...

Hey you two, glad to hear everything /one has arrived to the start safely. More importantly I'm glad to hear Ian remembers how to reassemble the transport! (I would have had bits left over!)Photos look good and you sound as if everything is going well. Take care. Love Dad (2) xx