Monday, November 24, 2008

First Week

Well we made it here in one piece and we are hoping that the bikes did too!
We´ve had a great week in Buenos Aires so far. Done a lot of wandering around in the sun, managed to have an attempted mugging on day three! Luckily there was no harm done but its made us a little more cautious of aimless wandering in the dodgy areas- maybe we shouldn´t have been there...
On Friday we took the 20 hour overnight bus north to Iguazu. It was amazing and we are hoping to be able to post some pictures on here, once we can get past all the error messages. The falls are incredible and we spent a great two days wandering around taking hundreds of pictures of both the Argentinian and Brazilian sides. Saw lots of odd little animals too- Ian, a little bear thingy called a Coati, tons of butterflies and birds and Vizcacha. no doubt when we got on the bikes Ian will try to catch them for food!

Flying to ushuaia early on Tuesday morning and we´ll make a start on trying to rebuild the bikes, fingers crossed that everything is in one piece and that Ian can remember where all the bits go.

Fingers crossed that the bikes survive another flight and that soon we can get some pictures up here. We´ll keep trying...

Love Gemma and Ian


ager2001 said...

Hi you two, glad to see that you have managed to update the blog. Hope you arrived safe in Ushuaia and that the bikes made it too!
Can't wait to see some of the pictures when you get them sorted out. Take care and lots of love Dad (2) xx

Lynn said...

Hi - lovely to see your photos and that you are both looking so well and obviously having a great time - long may it continue! Loads of love to you both. Mum xx