Monday, December 22, 2008


After a month on the road we are noticing our own little routines more and more.
We thought it would be fun to share some of these so you have an insight to our life day by day.

The alarm is normally set for 6am but this doesn´t necessarily mean we´ll be up. Ian normally gets up first - we have to take turns because there´s not enough room in the tent for both of us to swing our limbs around.

Gemma then gets up and rolls up the sleeping mats and clears out the tent. Meanwhile Ian will be making hot porridge for breakfast.
Hygiene can be a problem when cycling. Regular washes with wet-wipes seem to work but Ian´s bellybutton has gone out of control.

The tent comes down and we load the bikes up. This lot can take anywhere from one to two hours.

Early morning cycling is normally fairly quiet as we both slowly wake up. The roads are quiet and the wind isn´t as strong. The bikes tend to feel heavier and more difficult to ride in the morning.

We have started to stop for breaks every 10 miles (16km). Our snacks are any combination of biscuits, nuts, crackers and chocolate.

Lunch is just an extended break. We may sometimes have bread with us and crack out the emergency peanut butter or Dulce de Leche (Gem´s new found fave).
If we are really lucky, in the middle of nowhere, many miles from anywhere, there are random buildings selling empanadas and cakes. These places house cats, dogs (that follow you for miles), chickens, foreign photographers and baby guanacos.

During cycling we are overtaken by many cars, buses and trucks. It is common to see people hanging out of these with cameras to take photos of us. Many of these people may be surprised to see not too happy faces and rude gestures. The reason for this: -

We start to look for somewhere to camp at about 6pm (if we´re not in a town) and cook pasta or rice. Bed time is quite early - between 7 and 9pm - we need lots of rest to do the same again the next day.

If we are lucky enough to arrive in a town in the evening we can indulge ourselves with cake and chocolate, fresh veg, meat and possibly some Quilmes (the local beer). Occassionally we find fajita wraps and make our favourite yummy dinner.

We both find cycling easiest from here: -


ager2001 said...

Hi you two, like the insight to your daily activities! Photos are still great - especially the "spot the tent" one. Have a good Christmas and hope your BBQ goes well.

duckegg said...

Hiya - Hope you both ok and your legs are not too worn out yet!!
Grat picture from the past few weeks - places look brill!

Great to read about your routines but Ian MUST make more of a belly fluff check routine please!!!

Keep Posting
Merry Xmas Love Sarah and Joe xxx

Globalmum said...

It's so great to hear about how your days are working out. The photos reduce me to tears every time - you know I'm a softie...
Keep up the posts and have a fandabidozzy christmas - we all miss you so very much. Keep safe and happy. Love from everyone here XXXXX

Anonymous said...

Are there any other people in south america, I am beginning to wonder. Looks and sounds fantastic guys, and it's good to see you both looking so happy.
we love and miss you - especially today, Christmas day.
Ps, please try to get a random in the background of the next photo, just so we know you are not completely alone.

thebrownies:) said...

We have loved reading your blog.
Hope Nicko is keeping his bellybutton fluff for us cos we have lost his old collection :)
Big hugs from us all. xxxx
PS. Alfie was convinced it was his Emile (rat) toy in the picture that he went and checked his bedroom :)

Specialfriend said...

Hi Gemma and Ian, have been watching your tour with great interest, what stunning pics.

Just to wish you both a Very Happy, Healthy and Safe New Year.

Look forward to seeing more great photo's and the amusing write ups.

Take care