Monday, January 26, 2009

The magical mystery tour - Chiloè

The bikes only just made it to the island of Chiloè. After putting them onto the ferry first, the following 4000 cars, vans and trucks each took it in turn knocking them all over and scraping them up and down the wall. At least they now look well used.

Obviously after a tiring 6 hour ferry ride we were hungry. Ordering the local speciality "curanto" had to be done. A giant bowl filled with pork, chicken, sausages, salmon, potatoes, clams and mussels the size of your hand arrived and was finally finished after a couple of hours. Yummy!

Quellon, the first town was not that great. A bit shabby, with dusty streets and strange smells everywhere. We soon left and cycled to Chonchi which is apparently an old pirates enclave. We soon learned that people in Chiloè don't speak like other Chileans. We found it extremely hard to understand anybody and could only think that their language derived from some sort of secret pirate language years ago. The local people also seemed a lot shorter than anywhere else we´d been so far, we reckoned this was also a pirate thing as they may have let there wooden peg legs wear down too far.

While in Chonchi we managed to find a beach side hotel in which we had the honeymoon suite. Almost perfect, just no TV - oh how we miss little normal things!

All our theories seemed to be very possible when we encountered our first parrots flying around trees on the road to Castro. We arrived here and spent 15 minutes looking around the plaza before deciding to move on - in a bus - off the island to Puerto Montt.

We had cycled to three towns on the island and were quite dissappointed with the place. The people were creepily strange and the funny smells didn't go away. Ian had several showers here so it couldn't have been him.

We decided it would be best to get off the island and spend time in more enjoyable places than wasting time cycling in a place we don't like.

After Chiloè we will be entering the Chilean Lakes district which will be very beautiful - many volcanoes and lakes.

This also meant we could get Gemma to a hospital to get her squidgy knee looked at. After being pushed around on a wheelchair for an hour she made it out with both legs still attached and Ian made it out without being taken away by the police for questioning.

X-rays showed that her knee is perfectly fine and she just needs to eat lots of chocolate to make it better, apparently.

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Globalmum said...

Well Gemma - you are certainly looking as beautiful as ever. I'm glad the knee just needs rest and chocolate - I take it that it has to be administered internally rather that rubbed on?
Missing you both loads, all my love Mum (2)