Saturday, April 18, 2009

"Oof!" - or should we say "Hoof!"

Following the donkey attack we have managed to get a few pictures for everyone to see just how much damage a crazed ass can do.
Be warned, it´s not pretty...

From the outside you can see where the donkey has torn through the fly sheet, just above where Ian´s head was.

Under the fly sheet the sleeping compartment was badly ripped as the donkeys hooves ploghed down towards Ian´s head.

The pole holding up this part of the tent was no match for the full weight of a giant ass.

Having stomped through the fabric and shattering the pole, the donkeys hoof thumped down on Ian´s skull. It´s amazing that it didn´t just pop. A hoof shaped scar has formed on his head, leaving Ian with no choice but to use a comb-over to hide it.

Despite a few headaches the cycling continued. Gemma amazingly rescued the tent with a full days worth of sewing (using dental floss - minty fresh!) and we fixed the tent pole using lots of duct tape and some of those plastic tubes you use to join two bits of hose-pipe together.

Here it is looking shiny and new again...

Camping in the wild since the attack has been a bit of an effort. Neither of us are still comfortable with it yet but it is necessary. Every little noise from a bird, a goat, a donkey or a vehicle leaves us hiding under the sleeping bags - obviously it´s safe under there.

We are well on our way to Salta and expect to arrive in the next week (after a couple of days off in Cafayate to drink more wine). We will post more pictures from the road when we arrive.

Lots of love from us both, Ian and Gem xxx